10 Things You Need to Know to Understand Your Dog Better

Dogs are a “man’s” best friend. It is said over and over again because these animals have special abilities that help them bond with humans in a far better way than any other of their counterparts. From having an emotional intelligence to cultivating a sense of possessiveness, dogs eventually fall in love with their owners and become loyal to them. In return, we as dog owners should return the favor by better understanding our magnificent pets to provide all the comfort in the world they might want in their active lifestyles and make their stay with us a pleasing one.

For this reason, to educate our readers about some of the most important things you must know to understand your dog better, we have compiled an enlightening list of “10 Things You Need to Know to Understand Your Dog Better”…

 1.  Dogs Can Read Your Face: This first one might come to you as a surprise but according to research, dogs are the only animals in the whole animal kingdom which can actually understand the facial expressions of humans. By just looking at our faces, dogs can easily detect the emotions we are in so they respond accordingly.

2.  Dogs Don’t Like Smoke: This isn’t actually a matter of their likes or dislikes, instead, they are directly at risk when exposed to a more than usual amount of smoke. Research shows that when these animals are exposed to secondhand smoke, the toxins in the smoke give them health risks such as allergies, respiratory problems, and also lung cancer.

3.  Dogs Can See Color: There is a big common misconception among people that dogs are color blind and they can only see in black and white. But in reality, and according to scientists, dogs can actually see color but not as clearly and smoothly as we can.

4.  Dogs Indicate Their Emotions by Wagging Their Tails: Another great thing to know to understand your dog better is that dogs have a habit of wagging their tails which we as humans might not take too seriously. But actually, their wagging tails indicate their emotions. According to WebMD, dogs wag their tails based on the three emotions they want to indicate; happy, agitated, and scared. The tails wag high when they are agitated, the tails wag low when they are scared, and they are happy when they wag their tails in their natural position. So, this ability of reading a dogs body language can really help you understand their emotions better.

5.  Dogs Can’t Eat Chocolates: Dogs cannot eat chocolate, especially in large quantities. However, it is recommended not to let them have any at all. Studies show that chocolate consists of a chemical known as theobromine that proves to be toxic for dogs and can fatally affect the health of your dog if it consumes a quantity between 100 and 150 milligrams per the kilogram of its body weight.

6.  Dogs Have the Ability to Sense Your Intentions: Yes! Dogs have an almost psychic ability to understand and know any misfortune that is going to happen to them beforehand. Such instances include whenever you are preparing a bath for them, getting ready to cut their nails, or about to give them a haircut.

7.  Dogs Can Smell a Thousand Times Better than Humans: One of the strongest dog senses is their sense of smell. As it turns out, the smell center of a dog’s brain is about forty times larger than that of a human, thus they can smell a thousand times better than humans. Moreover, dogs have special noses that contain millions of more scent receptors than humans. For example, a Dachshund has about 125 million scent receptors while a human nose has an average of 5 million scent receptors.

8.  A Dog Brain is the Equivalent to a Two-year-old Baby’s Brain: Another incredible thing about dogs that is uncommon among people is that they have the brain of a two-year-old toddler. Research shows that a dog can remember on average 150 words and have the ability swindle other dogs and people to get treats. Furthermore, research also indicates that intelligence in dogs varies based on their breeds, with Border collies being the smartest of the lot.

9.  Dogs Do Have a Sixth Sense: As previously mentioned, dogs have great emotional intelligence and they are great at understanding various situations and settings. According to public opinion, dogs have a sixth sense. Many people report instances of their dogs behaving oddly before the happening of something bad. They tend to show erratic behavior and whine or even try to hide inside a safe place.

10.  Dogs Dream Just Like Us: The twitching of dogs indicate that they are dreaming. Studies have found that dogs have almost the same sleeping patters and the activities of the brain as humans. Also, smaller breeds are more prone to dreaming than their larger counterparts. Their dreams include the activities they are familiar with such as chasing their tail or playing outside.