The Essentials

Some may say, a happy and healthy dog makes for a happy owner and home life…

Sounds about right to me!

Though, caring for your dog can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful, even for a seasoned dog owner. New health issues can arise, dynamics of the home can change, having to decide which dog food is best, you’re traveling with your pet for the first time, and so on. One thing I want to stress is the importance of PRACTICE and PATIENCE in your dog care practices. Your dog isn’t perfect, and sorry to say, neither are you. And yes, I’m talking about myself as well. I am far from perfect when it comes to caring for my two dogs. However, we all can learn, adapt, and apply newfound knowledge towards the betterment of our dog’s overall well-being.

So, let’s go little by little exploring all that we can…

In order to provide a basis for caring for your dog, offer recommendations and reviews, address concerns, and more—a variety of topics will be covered within the following dog care essentials:

Away from Home – We will discuss all things related to caring for your dog outside the home.

Behavior – A dog’s behavior, from the strange to the instinctive, will be the focus of this category.

Nutrition – Feeding and rewarding your pet: food, treats, and nutritional needs.

Routine – From exercise to vaccinations, routine care needs will be covered.

Training – An array of training tips and tricks.


Believe. Achieve. Succeed.

Happy Dog