How to Save Money on Dog Care

Do you ever stop to think about how much it actually costs to own a dog? You may be surprised to know that according to CNBC, the cost of owning a pet over its lifetime (estimated at 10 years or so) can total around $27,074 – $42,545. That number, of course, depends on a few factors such as breed.

Owning a pet can be expensive but I must say it’s totally worth it. Dogs fill our heart in so many ways. And I’m sure we’d like to think that we (humans) bring a ton of joy to the life of our pet. So with that said, wouldn’t it be great to save money whenever you can? Yes! Yes! Yes!

So now you may be wondering how to save money on dog care. One way to do that is taking advantage of deals and coupons found on the internet.

I’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest deals and coupons. I will do my best keep it updated. Enjoy!

Shop Pet Supplies

1.  AMAZON |

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DNA Testing for Dogs


Details: $20 off Embark’s Dog DNA test

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Source: CNBC April 28, 2017 Retrieved: July 4, 2017