How to Save Money on Dog Care

We love our pets oh so dearly. But do you ever stop to think about how much it actually costs to own a dog? You may be surprised to know that according to CNBC, the cost of owning a pet over its lifetime (estimated at 10 years or so) can total around $27,074 – $42,545. That number of course depends on a few factors such as breed and size. Yikes…

How to save on dog care

Don’t worry pup.

Owning a pet can be expensive. Certainly. But I must say it’s totally worth it. Dogs fill our heart in so many ways. And I’m sure we’d like to think that we bring a ton of joy to the life of our pet. With that said, wouldn’t you like to save money whenever you can? I think so!

One easy way to save money on dog care is by taking advantage of deals and coupons found on the internet from basic supplies to online veterinarian care.

So here you have it – the latest and greatest deals and coupons you can start taking advantage of today!


Dog Supplies


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DNA Testing Kits for Dogs

Learn what makes up your pup and find out if he/she is prone to any genetic diseases using the latest genetic test for dogs. If you are just curious or want to plan the best future for your four-legged friend, getting a comprehensive DNA test is the way to go.


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Subscription Boxes

Treat your fur baby to a monthly gift box full of treats, toys, and accessories. Totally customizable.


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Veterinary Care – Online

Connect with a real (verified) Veterinarian in minutes, 24/7. Ask questions and get answers without leaving the comforts of your home. Rates are a fraction of an in-person appointment.

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Source: CNBC April 28, 2017 Retrieved: July 4, 2017