How To Easily Clean Dog Ears at Home

Have you wanted to learn how to clean dog ears at home? Does your dog have foul smells coming from its ears? Or noticeable dirt inside? Cleaning your dog’s ears is just another part of dog care basics. Here are some easy tips to easily clean dogs ears at home and get rid of the foul smelling ear odors and dirt.

Tools To Clean A Dog’s Ears

* Cotton Balls
* Ear Cleaning Solution
* Olive Oil (optional)

An ear cleaning solution or wipes can be bought in a local pet store or online. But my #1 recommendation is to make your own solution at home, saving time and money!

Clean A Dog’s Ears With a Homemade Solution

how to clean dog ears at homeUse the basics: vinegar and water!

Vinegar is so much more than a cooking ingredient, it’s an all-around house cleaner, deodorizer, and much more. Because of its versatility, you probably already have a bottle of vinegar in your kitchen cabinet making this homemade solution super easy and quick.

To make this great homemade solution to clean dogs ears simply combine¬†1 part water and 1 part white vinegar. That’s it!

This natural solution is great at cutting down the foul smells from certain breeds of dogs that may be prone to yeast infections.

How to Clean A Dog’s Ears

To clean a dogs ears you want to wet the cotton ball with the ear cleaning solution.

Gently fold back the dogs ear and begin to wipe the flap of the ear. Taking another damp cotton ball work into the ear canal gently wiping away dirt and buildup.

how to clean dog ears at home

Never attempt to dig deep into the ear canal as this can damage the dogs hearing.

Lastly, try to stay away from using a q-tip to do this job. It’s really easy to go farther into the ear canal than you should with a q-tip.

Caution!¬†If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, it’s best to not attempt to clean the ears yourself.

One way to tell if the ears are infected is if they feel hot to touch. Other symptoms besides the smell are redness, swelling, itching and constant head shaking. Bring your pet into the Veterinarian’s office for appropriate diagnosis and treatment for possible infection. Special medication may be required.

How Often To Clean A Dog’s Ears?

This is a common question for pet owners that isn’t easily answered. A dog that is more active outdoors may need ear cleaning done more frequently than a dog that is mostly indoors.

A good idea is to clean them weekly and watch for dryness.

Cleaning a dogs ears too frequently can cause dryness and itching will ensue. To prevent the drying out of the dogs ear you can dab some olive oil onto a cotton ball and wipe the inner ear gently. The oil gives back some of the substance needed for proper ear health and will help prevent the dryness.

A dog that swims or is in the water often should have his ears wiped dry with a cotton ball after every swim. This help prevent bacteria from settling into the ear canal and leads to great ear health in the long run.

how to clean dog ears at home

If he’s swimming in a chlorinated pool this is a very important step to follow as well. The chemicals can offset the natural balance of the ear health.

If you’re just not keen on cleaning dog ears yourself…

You can clean a dogs ears with any Veterinarian service and it’s commonly a complimentary service as part of the grooming procedure. Ask your Veterinarian to do it if you’re not comfortable with it or ask your dog groomer if it’s included in the grooming service.

dog care made simple

Clean dogs ears means less smell and good health for your dog!

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