Holistic Health Care for Dogs

 4 Great Holistic Dog Care Tips You Can Start Working With

No one loves going to the hospital on a regular basis and the fact remains that dogs feel the same way too; scheduled visits to the vet, drugs, injections and frequent use of chemicals. Dogs probably wish there was another way out to get soothing attention and concern. As a dog parent, we may want to care for our dogs naturally because the thought of leaving them solely at the mercy of needles, chemicals, and apparatuses just doesn’t resonate well.

This, however, is not as easy as it seems.

Going holistic has proven to be of great use and importance and has been adopted over time.

NOTE – One very ‘’holistic’’ dog care tip which should not be overlooked or forgotten is to seek medical attention to skeptical problems. The veterinarian simply knows better.

Below are “4 Great Holistic Dog Care Tips You Can Start Working With”…

1.  Treat Wounds and Cuts Naturally


Dogs are fond of getting cuts on their ears, knees and in between paws. One holistic dog care tip of taking care of such injuries is administering simple herbs to the affected area. First, hydrotherapy works magic on the affected part. Further application of herbal antibiotics such as goldenseal, calendula, or yarrow which perform anti-fungal and antibacterial activity and also possess healing abilities to wounds and cuts.

2.  Introduce Herbal Antioxidants to Dog Food


Antioxidants act as radicals and fight molecules that can damage cellular structure thereby leading to a general health improvement. Introducing herbs that contain antioxidants into your dog’s food is one workable holistic dog care tip.

Be sure the herb is a tasty one. It can be sprinkled either in a dry or fresh form.

Common examples of herbs that contain antioxidants include mints, thyme, sage and a host of others. See which one your dog might take a liking to.

3.  Exercise and Recreational Activities

Playing Frisbee

A dull and gloomy dog stays cooped up all day at home while the high-spirited, happy dog is always on the loose. Apart from the fact that dogs who don’t exercise may become overweight which tends to reduce their lifespan, it also makes them moody. Try recreational activities such as playing catch with your dog, football, hiking or just going for regular walks. Most dogs have lots of energy and are always eager to be on a test run. Exercise is one of the easiest and most basic holistic dog care tip that also improves the health and mind of a dog. So, go out there, race your dog or put it to a challenge. You both are going to have fun

4.  Combating Immune System Defects with Herbs and SupplementsCranberries

It should be noted that before you administer holistic care tips to dogs suffering from internal complications, try to identify the cause of the problem. Urinary tract issues, prostate defects, nausea and kidney defects which lead to bladder infection are a few of the possible internal diseases or complications that affect dogs.

Herbs like the slippery elm deal with nausea while cranberry extracts have proven to be an antibiotic against genetic kidney disorder. Be careful of the dosage. More doesn’t always mean better.

Dogs are animals that can contract some very serious and daunting diseases that pose a threat to its life, most of which are internal diseases. As a dog parent, when faced with such situation, it is advisable to contact a veterinarian and schedule an appointment when it shows little or no sign of getting any better or healthier. After trying several holistic tips without success…                               SAVE A LIFE AND USE THE VET.

Happy dog parenting!